Bright Futures

"Bright Futures" by John Malpede

John Malpede's new work ‘Bright Futures’ will be performed during November at NYU as part of the Performa 2009 Festival and at MIT on December 10. Malpede was in residence at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies during the early months of the economic crisis where he found and developed a pair of texts that provided the centerpiece of the performance. “'Bright Futures' is extrapolated from contradictory responses to the economic crisis,” Malpede writes. “The performance developed from a business school pep-talk for anxious future quants (financial engineers) and was paired with MIT economist Simon Johnson’s article ‘The Quiet Coup,’” which appeared in the May 2009 edition of the Atlantic Monthly. Malpede starkly contrasts these narratives, pinpointing the arrogance of Wall Street, its business as usual policies, and Johnson’s dark condemnation of the US financial “oligarchy.” Current assessments of how effectively the crisis has been dealt with, or not, will be integrated into the performance events.